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100% FREE / open source / PRIVATE cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. Email / text / Alexa / Telegram price alerts, price charts, mining calculators, leverage / gain / loss / balance stats, news feeds + more. Privately track Bitcoin / Ethereum / unlimited cryptocurrencies. Customize as many assets / markets / alerts / charts as you want.
Support for over 80 trading pairs (country fiat currency or secondary crypto, contact me to request more): AED / ARS / AUD / BAM / BDT / BOB / BRL / BTC / BWP / BYN / CAD / CHF / CLP / CNY / COP / CRC / CZK / DAI / DKK / DOP / EGP / ETH / EUR / GBP / GEL / GHS / GTQ / HKD / HNT / HUF / IDR / ILS / INR / IRR / JMD / JOD / JPY / KES / KRW / KWD / KZT / LKR / LRC / MAD / MKR / MUR / MWK / MXN / MYR / NGN / NIS / NOK / NZD / PAB / PEN / PHP / PKR / PLN / PYG / QAR / RON / RSD / RUB / RWF / SAR / SEK / SGD / SOL / THB / TRY / TUSD / TWD / TZS / UAH / UGX / UNI / USDC / USDT / UYU / VES / VND / XAF / XOF / ZAR / ZMW
Support for over 40 exchanges (contact me to request more): bigone / binance / binance_us / bit2c / bitbns / bitfinex / bitflyer / bitmart / bitmex / bitmex_u20 / bitmex_z20 / bitpanda / bitso / bitstamp / bittrex / bittrex_global / btcmarkets / btcturk / buyucoin / bybit / cex / coinbase / coindcx / coinex / coinspot / / cryptofresh / defipulse / ethfinex / ftx / ftx_us / gateio / gemini / hitbtc / hotbit / huobi / korbit / kraken / kucoin / liquid / localbitcoins / loopring / loopring_amm / luno / okcoin / okex / poloniex / southxchange / unocoin / upbit / wazirx / zebpay
Recommended MINIMUM system specs: 1 Gigahertz CPU / 512 Megabytes RAM / HIGH QUALITY 32 Gigabyte MicroSD card (running Nginx or Apache headless with PHP v7.2+)
Nearly Unlimited Assets Supported (whatever assets exist on supported exchanges).

Setting Up The 'DESKTOP EDITION'(runs very easily, like any other normally-downloaded native app)

To install as a normal native app on your laptop / desktop, download the "Desktop Edition" of the app here:

After downloading, unzip the contents of the download to your desktop or other preferred file location (it doesn't matter, put it wherever you want to). Now use your operating system's file browser to enter the app's main directory, and click on "RUN_CRYPTO_TRACKER" to launch the app.

Compatible With Raspberry Pi Zero W

Automatic Setup ('SERVER EDITION') For Ubuntu / DietPi OS / RaspberryPi OS, On Home / Internal Network(RECOMMENDED WAY TO PRIVATELY / CHEAPLY USE THIS APP)

To install / upgrade everything automatically on Ubuntu / RaspberryPi OS / DietPi OS, copy => paste => run the command below in a terminal program (using the 'Terminal' app in the system menu, or over remote SSH), while logged in AS THE USER THAT WILL RUN THE APP (user must have sudo privileges):

wget --no-cache -O FOLIO-INSTALL.bash;chmod +x FOLIO-INSTALL.bash;sudo ./FOLIO-INSTALL.bash

Follow the prompts. This automated script gives you the options to: install / setup a PHP web server automatically, download / setup / configure the latest version of the Open Crypto Tracker app automatically, setup a cron job automatically (for price alerts / price charts), and setup SSH (to update / install web site files remotely to the web server via SFTP) automatically.

When the auto-install is completed, it will display addresses / logins to access the app (write these down / save them for future use).

For additional documentation see DOCUMENTATION-ETC/RASPBERRY-PI,  TROUBLESHOOTING.txt,  and README.txt.

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  • ALWAYS will remain 100% FREE F.O.S.S. software (no need to register and pay premium access fees).
  • Optimized for low power devices (raspberrypi, pine64, etc).
  • Desktop / Server Editions available (see README.txt for differences / usage documentation).
  • Automated and user-friendly installation / upgrade script for Ubuntu / DietPi OS / RaspberryPi OS app setup (server edition) on your home / internal network or website.
  • PRIVATELY connects DIRECTLY to APIs / servers for data and comms (no "phoning home" to a middleman server), with optional proxy support for API connections.
  • Option to use proxies for external API requests, and SMTP authentication for email sending.
  • Secure HTTPS (SSL), username / password protection, and privacy mode in the portfolio interface, for privacy and security.
  • Support for over 40 exchanges (including DeFi), and over 80 market pairings (country fiat currency or secondary crypto).
  • Price change alerts by email / text / Alexa / Telegram (configurable alert parameters available).
  • Add / edit / delete your own portfolio assets list, with your favorite exchanges / market pairings.
  • Add / edit / delete your own price alerts and price charts for assets / exchanges / market pairings (supports multiple exchanges / market pairings per asset).
  • Import / export your portfolio in CSV (spreadsheet) file format.
  • Cryptocurrency portfolio subtotal summaries, and total portfolio worth (in crypto and your local primary currency), including value gain / loss data (with tracking support for long / short margin leverages), portfolio balance data, and marketcap data.
  • A news page with over 70 different cryptocurrency-related RSS feeds to select from, including company and organization blogs / news sites / podcasts / youtube channels / reddit and stackexchange forums, with ability to add / remove feeds in the app configuration.
  • Newly added news feed posts, chart data backup archives, and app error / debugging logs sent to your email.
  • External resources page, includes links to marketcap stats sites / news sites / wallets / exchanges / block explorers / developer resources / newsletters / podcasts / social media / etc.
  • Detailed price charts (base values in crypto and your local primary currency), with spot price / 24 hour volume, zooming, and crosshair hovering.
  • Detailed portfolio statistics, including Asset Performance side-by-side comparision charts with user-defined time periods, and Portfolio Balance pie charts to get a better feel for your asset allocations.
  • Switch between light / dark (night mode) theme colors.
  • Crypto tools (QR code generator, altcoin trade preview / marketcap calculator in BTC and your local primary currency, etc).
  • Mining calculators, to determine coin mining profitability (in crypto and your local primary currency, includes electricity costs and pool fees).
  • Help page in easy-to-use FAQ format, for common issues (with support / contact links if you need additional assistance).
  • System stats / alerts in the interface, by text or email or other comms, and in the logs (uptime / load averages / temperature / free disk space / used system memory / portfolio cookies and cache sizes, if available on your device), to help keep your Raspberry Pi or other device running within healthy parameters.
  • System / configuration checking, alerting, logging, and auto-correcting (where possible).
  • Detailed error logging and debugging (with adjustable verbosity / debug modes), to assist with troubleshooting / installation / configuration of the app.
  • Plugin system, to use built-in / your own custom plugins for additional features.
  • Internal restful API built-in, to allow other external apps to query real-time market data in over 80 country fiat currencies / secondary crypto pairings (raw data also available).
  • Admin interface, to allow easily viewing / changing the app configuration (alerts / charts / markets / API / backups / logs / etc).
  • Secure webhook capability, allowing other external apps to communicate in real-time safely (separate keys per service, without giving away the master webhook key).


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